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Dr  Edward  Chandraratnam  trained  at  Queen  Elizabeth  Hospital  in  Adelaide  and received  his  FRCPA  in  1982.  He  was  awarded  a  Travelling  Fellowship  by  the  Royal College  of  Pathologists  of  Australasia  to  undertake  Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy training  in  Sweden  (Fine Needle Aspiration  Biopsy  at  Malmo  Sjukhuset,  Karolinska  Sjukhuset,  and  Lund  University) and  the  USA  (Johns  Hopkins  Hospital,  Baltimore).

From  1983  to  1988  he  was  Staff  Specialist  in  Histopathology  at  Flinders  Medical Centre  and  Lecturer  in  Pathology  at  Flinders  University.  From  1988  to  1992  Edward was  Medical  Director  of  Clinpath  Laboratories,  the  second  largest  private  laboratory in  South  Australia.  He  came  to  Sydney  in  late  1992  and  established  Austpath Laboratories.


Dr  Edward  Chandraratnam  has  personally  performed  in  excess  of  40 000 Ultrasound  Guided  Fine  Needle  Aspiration  biopsies  over  the  past  20  years.

Dr Edward Chandraratnam

A  successful  FNAB  requires  accurate  sampling,  under  ultrasound  control  and immediate  microscopic  evaluation  to  ensure  that  an  adequate  sample  has  been obtained,  meticulous  processing  of  sample  and  expert  evaluation  of  the  biopsy. Your  FNAB  specialist  Dr  Edward  Chandraratnam  and  his  team  provide  this  service  from  start  to  finish. 

Ultrasound Control and Microscopic Evaluation

The same specialist performing the ultrasound guided biopsy, preparing the sample immediately checking the sample and reporting the biopsy increases the accuracy of the diagnosis. This is especially true in a difficult diagnosis which requires evaluating the additional tests that are done on your biopsy sample such as immunohistochemistry and molecular studies. 

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