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Request requirements


  • Referrals are accepted only from specialists (endocrinologists, surgeons or physicians)


  • Request should state: U/S guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy for Afirma Gene Expression Classifier. A request form can be printed from our website:


  • Results are sent by email to the referring doctor. Please provide your email address. Estimated turnaround time for the results is 14 days from the time the sample is received in USA.

  • Please contact our Practice Manager for cost and further details (02 8836 3333)

Afirma Kit

Procedure for collection of sample


  • Dr Edward Chandraratnam collects the sample under ultrasound control.


  • The first sample is collected only to check for adequacy. No report will be issued.


  • Two additional samples are collected in transport medium and the refrigerated specimen is air-freighted (Fed Ex) to Veracyte Inc. in San Francisco, USA. 


  • Specimens are collected on Monday or Tuesday. This ensures that the sample will reach USA on a working day and not over the weekend.

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